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Special Rescues

For the Love of Strays was created to help strays with no hope. There are always strays in need of extra help like these, some of our more memorable pups.

Before rescue   After rescue

Hope Before 1

Hope before-2


This is Hope. One look at the before photo and we knew that For the Love of Strays had to help her. We went immediately and picked her up from the compassionate 18 year old boy, David Quatllebaum, who was hiding her in his room from his grandparents. She was seen by Nueces Veterinarian Hospital that morning and was sent home with a wonderful foster family that will tend to her wounds. It took a few months but now she is finally ready for adoption.

It was believed that poor Hope was dragged by a car on her side. Luckily she had no broken bones. This isn't a singular story as you will see through our many special rescues. A dark colored dog on a dark night; a driver that hits an animal and then doesn't bother to stop. If it wasn't for Good Samaritans she would have suffered for days. Today she is a happy, healthy, silly pup that is looking for a forever home.


Hope After
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My name is Leo Alexander Hitt and I love, love, love life! :) I only have three legs but run like I have five (now that would look weird - LOL)

I was found dragging myself across a street. Those were some hard times but life is TOTALLY different now. They were going to call the local HIGH KILL shelter to pick me up but an amazing rescue group called For the Love of Strays got to me first :).

They did everything they could to save my leg but gangrene had set in and the leg had to go. Don't feel sorry for me, though. I was blessed with an amazing foster mother who decided she could not see me go. She is now my furever mommy and I am one spoiled boy :)!

I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES... I am a living and breathing miracle.


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On Monday, July 29th, a volunteer heard that there might be a hurt dog at a local business. The volunteer did not have much information other than the dog had been there for at least three days.

When the volunteer arrived at 8:30 p.m. it was dark and the area was not lit. She didn't see a dog at first and was about to leave when she saw a tail wag in a patch of grass a few feet away. The volunteer was shocked as she got closer and realized the hurt dog was a gentle Pit Bull with a severely damaged leg. The dog couldn't get up but instead reached out her face in the friendliest way. The volunteer was scared to approach the dog at first as injured dogs can lash out from pain. But the volunteer's fear went away when the dog reached out and licked her hand.

The volunteer was at a loss on what to do. The dog's injuries were bad and she wouldn't be able to properly care for her. For the Love of Strays did not hesitate when called that night, offering to take on her vet bills without knowing where the funds would come from. This dog deserved a second chance regardless the cost.

The volunteer placed the dog in the back of her car and prayed for the best. When the volunteer turned on the car light she realized that the dog's entire back was covered in blood and scabs. The dog's level of pain had to be insanely high but the volunteer would be unable to get to a vet until the following morning.

The volunteer's five year old daughter was also in the car and the daughter began gently petting the dog's head. This went on for awhile until the daughter said, "Mom, I think her name is Cupcake". This was the perfect name for such a sweet dog.

The volunteer and her daughter took Cupcake to the vet early next morning. The vet discovered that the bone in her leg was completely broken in two and her hip was totally dislocated. The leg had been broken for over 24 hours, making it impossible for the vet to put it back in place. Thus, Cupcake will require two separate operations. The first operation was on Friday, August 2nd, when the vet placed a pin in her broken bone. After a six week healing period, Cupcake will undergo a second operation to relocate her hip. In the mean time, Cupcake was also diagnosed with hook worms and is heart worm positive. Cupcake had been in a world of hurt but For the Love of Strays is now doing everything possible to assist with her recovery.

Cupcake was a throw-away dog that has had several litters of puppies. She was found wearing a beat-up collar that is more just a piece of fabric that was worn away by the sun and time. However, that is all in the past and Cupcake has maintained her spirit throughout. Just like the night when she was found with her tail wagging, Cupcake's tail continues to wag no matter what. She loves to give kisses and never whines or has made a peep from her pain.

After everything Cupcake has been through, she has been adopted by Kim, the owner of K9 Conditioning. Kim provides therapy for animals needing mobility assistance. It is indeed a match made in heaven.


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On September 27th, For The Love Of Strays received information from a volunteer about a street dog named Manny in horrible condition. He was immediately taken to the vet and diagnosed with both sarcoptic and demodex mange. His liver levels were also low and he was in desperate need of help. Since sarcoptic mange is contagious to humans it was impossible to find him a foster home. This meant that Manny needed to be boarded at the vet for a few weeks until his mange cleared up.

For the Love of Strays did not have the funds to give Manny all the necessary care. It was indeed a sad situation for a very sick dog but hopes remained high. The next step was to raise funds for his vetting. Again, another volunteer came to our rescue! It happened thanks to Cupcake the throw away pitty Facebook page. The group on Cupcake's page was moved by the outpouring of love for sweet Manny. Thousands of joyful tears were cried that night. People had such kind supportive words. They shared his story far and wide. Donations came in from all over the world and by the end of the night we knew that Manny had all the donations he needed for top of the line care.

Facebook was full of rescue angels that day. Between the efforts of local rescuers, amazing vets and everyone who showed love to Manny - a true miracle happened. It hasn't even been a full month and Manny doesn't look like the same dog.


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Mia before

Meet Mia. She was abandoned by her owners at a vets office because she was hit by a car and had a broken leg.

Unfortunately, there are people out there that would rather put their pup to sleep then help them get better. Luckily for Mia, she was brought to the attention of FTLOS. She had a lengthy vet stay.

Bcause of her story, the most amazing family spotted her. All the way from Corpus Christi, TX, she was adopted by a family in Connecticut. Amazing, isn't it? She now takes long car rides with her own special pair of glasses. She also has two other pups to play with and is spoiled like no other.

Everyone loves an amazing adoption story!


Mia after
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Meet Karma. The first two years of her life were spent on this chain, in the mud, under this tin makeshift roof. Her first litter of puppies all drowned. An astute neighbor kept asking the owner to relinquish Karma to her until the owner finally gave in.

Karma became pregnant again but her next litter would live. On January 10th, 2013 her final litter was born. All six cute, fluffy bundles were delivered safe and healthy. Karma was a superb momma and was so good to her babies but her true love was running around the yard free. As her pups found homes she finally found her own.

She now lives on a farm with 10 acres to call her own. You can see her smiling as she runs free. Karma is a special dog and because of a woman named Candi, she has found her special place.


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Handsome was a golden retriever first coming to the attention of Lost Pet Hotline. They told LPH that there is a dog at Elizabeth and Alameda and an amazing rescuer went out to see what the status was, a collar, anything. She took his picture and feared the worst for this poor fellow and it was put up on a rescue sight when our founder Angela saw the posts and offered medical treatment.

Handsome was seen by the first vet he was severely underweight, his blood work was all over the place, he was covered in ticks and fleas and his teeth were horrible. This poor guy was put on IV, given a bath, food and a soft place to sleep. He still was thin and in need of care after a couple of days and went to a foster home for more hands on care. Though he seemed happier he was still obviously dehydrated and in need of more medical care.

That Monday he was taken to another vet where the issue was finally pinpointed. He had a corn cob stuck in his intestine. Many people don't realize that it can be a deadly treat to give a pet. Handsome was rushed into surgery immediately but due to his weakened condition and because it is believed to have been lodged for as long as 10 days or more his body couldn't recover from surgery. Please make sure that corn cobs are not just left out where a dog can get to them, the next dog to eat one could be your own.


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Hippie before

Hippie was reported on Craigslist as an injured dog living as a stray in a park and in need of help. It was July 4th and one of our volunteers just couldn't stop thinking about her. A group was organized and preparing to chase her down. Little did we know that she was more than willing to come right up to her rescuers with lots of kisses. X-rays revealed that her pelvis was crushed on both sides. She was very skinny and had heartworm disease. She underwent surgery to fix only a portion of her injuries, the rest of which must be left to heal on their own. The healing process was long and challenging work for her foster family but she remained such a joy to everyone around her. Hippies's body will always be crippled but her heart is full of love.

Today our Hippie has come a long way. She has lived with a trainer learning how to behave with other dogs properly since it is believed she was used as a bait dog. Today she is heart worm free, loves to go for walks and long car rides and she has never met a stranger. Today, June of 2013 she is still searching for her perfect place but she is loved by her foster families as one of their own.


Hippie after
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On a Thursday afternoon one of our board members attended the Animal Control Board meeting. Afterward she went to look at a dog in back that looked like she could have been from one of our puppy litters. While in the back with dogs just brought in, she saw a beautiful Brindle Mastiff. Being a former Mastiff owner, she stopped to say hello. Since we didn't have an open foster for a giant breed dog at the time, they thought of another way to save him.

A trainer named Elizabeth had evaluated a dog of ours the day before to be a service dog. He passed the tests but he was too small. Elizabeth was called immediately. Jesse, the new PIC at Animal Control at the time, helped out by allowing Elizabeth to check out the dog to see if he might possibly be a fit for a service dog.

He was perfect and the family got a chance to see him, too. If by Monday he wasn't claimed, he would be pulled by For the Love of Strays to adopt him as an official Mobility Assistance Dog for a special family and begin his service training immediately.

Today, the dog named Samson is a fully trained mobility dog in Washington. Every dog deserves a family that loves and cherishes them. Samson now helps them live fuller lives. It's sad that we found out later his previous owner left him behind because he didn't want to pay the fine for letting him run loose.


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Dafney was seen on our city's website as a dog picked up as a stray. One of our directors saw her and, having a thing for bloodhounds, tagged her for rescue. A few days later when her stray hold was complete she was picked up and taken for a much needed bath, shots and check up. She was lucky to escape the deadly heart worms even though she was about 5 or 6 years old. She did have some eye issues and was severely underweight.

After gaining some weight, the eye issues subsided and she was becoming more accustomed to being in a home setting and was less fearful of people. We assume at some point someone wasn't very nice to her.

Today, our Dafney is living up north with her new dad and a cat of her very own. She loves to curl up by the fire and take special hiking adventures with her dad. As you can see, while still in town she had lots of four legged friends she hung out with regularly.


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Hope is a special girl who was found after being dragged under a truck for a few blocks. She is just as sweet as can be and was instantly loved by all at the vets office. She was initially given emergency treatment and medicine. Then, when more stable the following morning, she underwent surgery to stitch up her other wounds.

Amazingly enough she had no broken bones. Hope spent the next few months rehabbing, allowing her wounds to heal and then later joined the adoptables list. Hope found her perfect home and (as you can see) her favorite little human to hang out with.

All it took was someone to pull over and care enough to seek treatment for her. We are just so happy to be able to play a small part in her recovery.


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Caine, along with his brother Abel and sister Rachel, were found roaming the streets in Arlington. They were about four months old, scared and skinny. When brought to our attention they had one hour left. We raced to get the paperwork in and off to transport they went. Their first stop was a ranch about an hour out of town for the first few weeks to allow for vetting before they came to town.

Rachel was adopted immediately but our two boys hung out awhile until they found their perfect places. Of course, they had 3 strikes against them: 1) they were pit mixes, 2) mostly black and 3) no longer puppies but not adults, either.

Caine (now Eli) found an amazing home with the Pituch's. Here he is laying around on his favorite couch.


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Brownie before


Brownie is a sweet little man who came to us through vets referral. Brownie was as you can see from his intake day was thin and seemed to have some issues breathing. Looking further into his condition it was found out that he seemed to have been hit or kicked pushing his little liver through his diaphragm and into his lung. Not only that but he also had heart worms.

After much research it was found that little Brownie needed a very special surgery, but it came with a 90% chance of success. We began doing all we could to raise the money for the life saving surgery, $4000. It seemed insurmountable but through the amazing contribution from a local woman Marsha we were able to get him up to the College Station Veterinary Hospital. It wasn't easy but after some trials and errors his lung issues were cleared up and his heart worms treated.

Today Brownie lives in his forever home, previously his foster home. He is a happy, healthy boy with so much love to give. Without the generous donations he would not have any quality of life today.


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