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In 2015, close to 100 furry friends were placed into forever homes

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Is Fostering For You?

AbbyFor the Love of Strays works solely out of foster homes. In order to save dogs we need loving homes willing to share their hearts and homes with a dog in need until they are adopted. Before going to a foster home all dogs are vetted and stay with the co-founder for 1-2 weeks to learn their personality so we can see what type of home the dog can fit into.
We provide all flea medicine and heartguard for foster parents. As well as taking them to the vet and trying to work it around the schedule of the foster home.
The biggest concern of foster parents is wondering what happens if they get attached to a foster dog and want to adopt it. It is always an option for the foster parent to adopt. As much as we would love for you to keep fostering instead of keeping them we are very happy because we know that the dog has a wonderful home. After eight years of fostering I've fallen in love with many of the dogs that have come through my home. I keep the mindset that the more I keep the less I can save. I wish I could say it gets easier after fostering for a while but it really doesn't. I like all my fosters but some will always have a piece of my heart and remain unforgettable.
Because we take in mostly strays a lot of them are special needs. Some physical and some emotional. Many have trust issues and are scared of their own shadow. We will walk you through the process of bringing them out of their shell and into wonderful pets. This takes patience, understanding and dedication. While its easy to just share your home with a dog its a hard task to transform them. I can assure you the reward and satisfaction will outweigh the effort though.
Imagine taking in a dog who has never been touched by a human and shakes at every move towards them. Then soon with time and patience they are eating out of your hand and loving the attention and affection they have never known. All because YOU made them trust!
All of my fosters are so different yet so alike. Many so scared but still want to be loved so much. They just don't know how. It is our job to teach them.

If you feel you can step up to this wonderful challenge please contact us for more information. I promise there is a dog waiting for your heart!

For the Love of Strays
P.O. Box 8122 
Corpus Christi, TX 78468

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