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In 2014, over 360 furry friends were placed into forever homes

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Application for Adoption

To ensure our dogs are placed into the best forever homes possible, we require that all prospective parents and foster homes fill out the following Application for Adoption. When finished, click the Send Email button at the bottom of the form. An associate will contact you shortly.

Street Address:

1. Which dog are you interested in (if applicable)?

2. Do you live in a: House • Apartment • Condo • Other

3. Do you Own or Rent

4. If renting, Landlord's name:
5. Landlord's phone number:

6. How long in current residence (years/months)?
7. How many adults live in your home?
8. How many children?
9. Ages of children:

10. Does anyone in your household have allergies? Yes No
11. Who will be primarily responsible for the care of this dog?
12. Will this dog be a gift? Yes No
13. If yes, for whom?

14. Which of the following best describes your reasons for wanting this dog? (Check all that apply)
Companion • Guard dog • Hunting • Breeding • Obedience training
Search & Rescue • Agility • Jogging • Walking buddy • Couch Warmer

15. How many hours will the dog be alone each day?
16. Where will the dog be kept when no one is home?
17. Where will the dog be kept at night?

18. Do you have a fenced yard? Yes No
19. If yes, how high is your fence?
20. Type of fence?

21. Do you have other pets? Yes No
22. Are the other pets vaccinations current? Yes No NA
23. Are the other pets currently licensed? Yes No NA
24. Do you have a regular veterinarian? Yes No
25. If yes, veterinarian's name?

26. Under what circumstances would you not keep this dog?

What other pets have you owned in the past seven (7) years:
27. Pet #1
Owned for how long
Do you still own?
If not, why?

28. Pet #2
Owned how long
Do you still own?
If not, why?

29. Pet #3
Owned how long
Do you still own?
If not, why?

30. Pet #4
Owned how long
Do you still own?
If not, why?

31. I like dogs that are: Large Small Any size

32. What temperament and activity level you are looking for in a dog (check all that apply):
High energy • Outdoorsy • Lap dog • Mellow
Affectionate • Quiet • Guard dog

33. I prefer a dog that... (check all that apply):
-Loves children and strangers
-Can tolerate children and strangers
-Loves all other animals
-Can tolerate all other animals
-Don't care if he/she gets along well with other animals

34. When it comes to relating to dogs, I tend to be more:
-Strict, demanding (the dog must sit for a cookie)
-Moderate, (encourage good behavior, ignoring bad)
-Lenient, a little wishy-washy, easily coerced by the dog

35. The noise/activity level in my home is usually High • Medium • Low

36. Where will your pet ride when in your vehicle?

36. I would enjoy brushing or grooming my dog:
Rarely • Occasionally • Daily • Weekly • Monthly

37. I would prefer a dog that:
-Would enjoy walking with me on leash
-Would enjoy going to the dog park
-Would run, jog, or hike with me
-Will exercise him/herself in our yard
-Requires only enough exercise to do his/her business

38. My ideal dog would

39. Bad dog habits that I just can't tolerate include

40. By checking this box, I certify that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I also acknowledge that falsification of any of the above can result in my being denied adoption of an animal or, if an animal has been adopted to me, the return of that animal to For the Love of Strays.

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